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Web Site Optimization

Meta Tag Maker

What are meta tags?
Meta tags are snippets of code you can place in your web page to help you tell the search engine how you would like to be indexed.

Why use meta tags?
Many of the top search engines rely heavily on meta tags in determining your placement in their directories. With the proper use of meta tags, you can dramatically improve your position in the search engines.

Are meta tags a guarantee?
No! Meta tags do not guarantee that your site will be listed exactly how and where you want it. Meta tags can only improve your chance of achieving a relevant listing in the search engines.

How do I use meta tags on my page?
Use the free meta tag generator below to build your meta tags. Take your time to choose powerful well though out descriptions and key word or phrase. Be sure to place commas between your keywords or phrases. Click on the "create tags" button and properly formatted meta tags will appear in the window ready for your use. Next, simply cut-n-paste the meta tags into the html code of your web page in between the head tags. That's it. You are now ready to upload your page and begin registering it with the search engines.

Site Description
(more descriptive the better)
Up to 10 Keywords
(separated with spaces)
Here is your META - tag coding.
Put it in the HEAD of your HTML document.

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